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Today it is very common that Jews arrange for Kaddish to be said by another on behalf of their lost loved one. Being unable to verbally recite the words yourself for a departed relative is not an indication of loving or respecting the deceased any less. Arranging for someone else to say Kaddish may in fact be one of the best things you can do for a passed loved one. In addition to the challenges of the language, reciting Kaddish with a minyan at three different times a day can be daunting given our limited resource of time.

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Daily Kaddish (for the first year):

The Daily Kaddish is recited three times per day for the first 11 months, starting from the date of burial to sanctify the soul of the departed. This is no easy task for an individual. We have made it our mission to help people fulfill this mitzvah. Thus, the time pressure that comes with the commitment of appearing in a Synagogue or Temple three times every day is alleviated.

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Yahrzeit Kaddish (Annual):

This Kaddish is said each year on the anniversary of the date of passing. Among other memorial customs, reciting the Yahrzeit Kaddish is one of the most important ways one can truly honor and memorialize the death of a loved one. This is an important part of observing the Yahrzeit especially if you are unable to go to a Synagogue to recite Kaddish yourself.

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